Savoury Selection

Are you choosing your food for survival or enjoyment?

A long life can be earned by making good decisions. Sure there’s momentary stimulation on the taste buds, but each particle of the food which is useful for you, your body will take on; how much food do you eat which is useful for your body to become? Who are you/ what are you made of?

Would you rather eat something which your body can use the whole of, or just some parts? Because we can only help you with the former, our ingredients are chosen for their taste, but also their physiological and psychological benefits on your health and wellbeing. Oh, and they’re for their maximum ethical and sustainable

Our Flavours Speak Volumes

We love real nutrients, not just flavour enhancers, sugar and salt. So we balance a wide and synergetic collection of herbs, spices and other palette stimulating flavours, with traditional recipes from anywhere in the world; by combining the strongest ingredients with a careful pair of hands, you’re guaruntteed a uniquely enjoyable experience from us, with no animals harmed in the making.

Maximised Goodness

Each ingredient is chosen based upon its properties to aid your bodily functions, and sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.


We'll Work Around You

Tell us your dietary specifications and we’ll do our best to work around them!

Scheduled Delivery

We operate in Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas, contact us to discuss further details.

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