In 2015 after we (Kerrie and Linzi) became fed up of working jobs, which didn’t satisfy our need to help people and be creative, we set out to change things.

Beginning with a cart, to provide high quality food to those seeking sustenance at different events, we were successful in ensuring our food was delicious and delivered with a smile, according to our customers anyway.

Following our relative success, we decided that the next step was to move onto helping others, another way.

Since Linzi has experience with lithography and I, Kerrie, with fashion design and pattern making, the next venture had to be something we’re both passionate about and could do for the rest of our lives.

The logical next step was to help people create: memories, beautiful keepsakes and items which can remind us of the time we spent with others creating.

Knowing our heritage, pottery and ceramics fit in well.

We acquired the ‘Chatter Box Ceramic Café’ in 2017, where people and/or their families would visit; creating beautiful mementos to hold close in the future, while drinking fine coffee and eating guilt-free food.

We combined the two services and operated them under the same roof, and after so many positive reviews we began to offer our community more.

more services, more creative outlets and more food and drink options.

Now, because new times call for adaptation, we’ve decided to provide all of our customer favourite activities, products and services, in a new way; from the comfort of your own home, you can:

-learn new skills

-create beautiful memories

-boost your immune system with our mindful activities and aliment

-calm your mind with easing activities, which challenge your creativity (healthily!)



Ah! La Kart