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Happiness, creating memories

Clay, ceramics and creative arts activities have definite therapeutic factors, promoting and supporting stress reduction by aiding mindfulness, and have known positive benefits for a range of issues attached to our mental wellbeing, helping us to reestablish our heart space and connect with our creativity by learning to let go. We can learn by observing our materials, that much like humans, clay can be temperamental (indeed are we not also from the dust!) and through working with it, we can get to glimpse a reflection of the human condition. If we look honestly and closely enough, we can see a true reflection of ourselves at the present time. We can use this as a great starting point to recognise and identify with who we are, find new purpose and set new goals and targets –  maybe along the way, learn to accept that we cannot be sure of outcomes, we cannot determine or control all factors – there are always external factors that can affect situations, positively or negatively, and we learn that those things themselves are not actually at the forefront of importance, but more importantly is our response, are we able to adapt and compromise without judgement? Can we accept something for what it is? We can learn that we are able to just do our best with what we have at the present time and that is quite acceptable.  


Ah! La Kart


Acrylic Paint

When you want to paint your pot, but don’t have access to a kiln, acrylic paints are there to save the day! Perfect for painting at home and there’s less patience needed. Click below for more details on our Take & Make Packs.

Your Way

Eating at your table can be creating memories with your family, or it could be reminiscing  on the beautiful times you had, creating previous memories.



 ‘Made Earlier’

‘Made Earlier’ (M.E.) is our section where our community can visit, in order to: learn how to make the most out of our products and services; see other people’s experiences and creations or simply browse for inspiration and entertainment.