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Ceramic Paint Ideas | eHow.com

Ceramic Paint Ideas | eHow.com.

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Ceramic Paint Ideas

Painting ceramic pottery is a way to spend your time on a lazy afternoon. After the pottery shop fires your creation in a kiln, you get to take the ceramic pottery home with you. The design you choose for the ceramic pottery depends on the level of artistic experience and what you plan to use it for.

Abstract Designs

  • For those without much artistic skills, paint abstract designs on your ceramic pottery. Create stripes of different colors using the ceramic paint starting at the base of the pottery. Choose a minimalistic design by painting the entire ceramic pottery in a neutral color and then covering it in colorful polka dots. If you don’t want this much structure, dip your brush in the paint and let the design form on the pottery without a plan.


  • Flower designs can be simple and cartoon-inspired, or detailed and realistic. Choose flower designs if you plan to keep your ceramic pottery in the garden or in a room decorated with floral prints. Paint the flowers with colors that match the design of the rest of the room. Keep a picture of the flower next to you so you have it for reference as you paint.


  • Animals make an interesting addition to ceramic pottery. Choose an animal that you like or that represents the personality of the person to whom you’re giving the pottery. Butterflies, fish and cartoon animals have simple designs for those with little artistic ability. If you have painting or drawing experience, consider painting dogs, cats, cows or horses on your ceramic pottery.


  • Ceramic pottery paintings are a good way to remember a vacation or important location in your past. Paint the view of the ocean from your summer house or a landscape view of the first home you owned. Landscape painting can feature nature such as trees, mountains or bodies of water. You can also paint your pottery with houses, cityscapes or country barns.

Holiday Designs

  • Create seasonal pottery by painting it with holiday designs. Snowmen and decorated pine trees can represent Christmas while a lit menorah or a spinning dreidel works for Hanukkah. Painted eggs or bunny rabbits work well for an Easter-inspired ceramic plate. You could even paint ceramic pottery to commemorate your son’s fifth birthday by covering it in his favorite characters and the number “5.”

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