A very exciting craft technique that produces amazing objects that are very personal.

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Amazing personal objects.

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Decopatch is in !! It is a very exciting craft technique that produces amazing objects that are very personal. If you are just passing and can’t wait for a bisque to be fired, Decopatch is ideal.

We’re all very excited with it. it’s perfect for creating a take-away beautiful gift. All you need to create your own Decopatch masterpiece is the object you’re going to cover (and it works on anything!), some special glue varnish and a selection of our beautiful papers. Follow our easy step by step by guide below and before you know it you’ll be Decopatching everything you can get your hands on!

“We had a joint sixth birthday party here and it was just fantastic!The staff explained in a lovely manner what happens at the pottery party. It was very relaxed, the party had a great time and adults could take some time to chat over some tea or coffee.

Perfect amount of time for painting, party food and cake! Love the decor of the place. Definitely recommend”
Valerie Burns
“Fantastic so friendly, helpful, they make it a very enjoyable experience, my two grandchildren loved it! So did my dog Bella lots of treats for her! Well done keep doing what you’re doing!”
Barbara Hollingsworth

1. Choose your object – it can be anything. This is one of our large giraffes.

2. Cut or tear your paper into small pieces – about postage stamp size works well.

3. Paint some glue onto your object, making sure you glue an area bigger than the piece of paper. Be generous!

4. Pick up a piece of paper with your brush and place it on your object.

5. Paint a thin coat of glue varnish of the paper.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until your object is completely covered. Check there are no bare patches.

7. You can use jewels and Patchliner Relief Paint to enhance your project.

8.Hey Presto, you’re a Decopatcher.

Try it yourself

Now you can start to look for your next project.  Can you find something more unusual than a car or a fridge?

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